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KL Adventure is a mountain guiding company with 24 years of experience.



KL Adventure is a mountain guiding company who was a 24 years experience offering mountain adventures in South America. Some of the services that this company provide are, along whit many others: Chile ski touring trips -for example: Valle Nevado ski rental, El Colorado ski rental, La Parva ski rental and, of course, Chile ski transport to all the chilean ski resorts and Chile ski tours-. Also put for their clients around the world, the posibility to do volcanoes touring trips, climb the Aconcagua with porters or do the Aconcagua polish glacier route or maybe the Aconcagua south face trek, ameghino and upper guanacos route with porters and the Bolivia mountaineering.


KL Adventure is a company that permanantly work with people from many places around the word. For that to keep that way, KL Adventure decided to contract SEO as a new tool of marketing online, with the intention of get better places in google.


KL Adventure, put into de market many tourist prospects for enjoy the beautiful views of the South American scene, we can named for example: climb Ojos del Salado and Atacama desert, motorcycle Atacama desert tour, climb Tupungato in central Andes, Chalten trek, climb El Plomo, Dakar moto tour adventure, climb Llullaillaco and Torres del Paine trek, between many others.


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Phone: (56-2) 2179101 / Mobile: (56-9) 90182255 / Fax: (56-2) 2174684.

Address: Augusto Mira Fernández 14248, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.


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